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New publications from OECD, early December 2015

New OECD publications have been uploaded to the OECD iLibrary, a comprehensive digital repository of books, papers, and statistics from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Titles recently added include:

These volumes and more are accessible from the OECD iLibrary by WTO staff and WTO Library patrons.

Chile – country reports

A general equilibrium, ex-post evaluation of the EU–Chile Free Trade Agreement

This paper evaluates the impact on the Chilean economy of the EU–Chile Free Trade Agreement, in force since 2003, based on a computable general equilibrium (CGE) model. The evaluation method, inspired by structural decomposition methods, consists of double calibration of the model, to account for interactions between the agreement’s impact and structural change in the Chilean economy. Trade flows are modeled at the detailed product level (six-digit level classification). The agreement is found to be slightly beneficial to Chile’s economy on the whole, benefiting mainly unskilled labor, with gains concentrated in few sectors (fruits, wine, fisheries and seafood processing).

Full-text available in .pdf

Latin American regional report – Brazil and Southern Cone – October 2014

Brazil : A write off
Brazil : Paths to growth
Argentina: Cristina lashes out as clouds darken
Argentina: New central bank president has all to play for
Chile: Struggling with the slowdown
Chile: More Mapuche unrest
Paraguay: Still unable to shake off historically negative image
Uruguay: Political temperature rises
Postscript: A gloomy outlook

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Latin American Regional Report : Brazil & Southern Cone, February 2014

“Latin American Regional Report” Contents
Brazil: Fears about recession creep back Blackouts shock and Rousseff team;
Brazil: Getting heated in Rio;
Brazil: Figueiredo in Havana for talks over doctor desertions;
Argentina: Inflation: the truth hurts;
Argentina: A shift to orthodoxy, but is it too late?
Chile: Bachelet unveils her ministerial team;
Chile: ICJ delivers ruling;
Uruguay: Casting disturbed glances acrosss the River Plate;
Paraguay: Cartes government suffers its first setback in congress; and
Postscript: Aratiri open pit mining project causes ructions in Uruguay.

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Latin American Regional Report: Brazil and Southern Cone, January 2014

“Latin American Regional Report” Contents:
Chile: Bachelet prepares for return to La Moneda;
Chile: Post strikes threaten growth;
Paraguay: Public transport dilemma puts Cartes in a tight spot;
Paraguay: Prison guards’ strike exposes unresolved problems;
Uruguay: Lorenzo walks over Pluna scandal;
Uruguay: Bordaberry blasts FA’s security record;
Brazil: A hangover before the party even begins?;
Brazil: Rousseff’s dilemma – inflation vs. growth;
Brazil: Labour market not entirely made of Teflon;
Brazil: My house, my life – my president;
Brazil: Campos and Neves make strategic alliances;
Brazil: The clock is ticking; and
Postscript: Mercosur-EU talks set back again.

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Do Sanitary, Phytosanitary, and Quality-related Standards Affect International Trade? Evidence from Chilean Fruit Exports / Oscar Melo

Increasing awareness of food safety issues has led to intensive use of sanitary, phytosanitary and quality-related regulations and standards, imposing a burden on exporting countries worldwide. This study assesses the impact of such regulations and standards estimating a gravity model for Chilean fresh fruit exports that incorporates a stringency-perception index that comprises different dimensions of trade requirements. Our results suggest that an increase in stringency has a negative and substantial effect on exported volumes, and the reduction is higher if stringency increases in developed countries. Results also showed that different dimensions have different effects on trade.

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