Latin American Regional Report: Brazil and Southern Cone, January 2014

“Latin American Regional Report” Contents:
Chile: Bachelet prepares for return to La Moneda;
Chile: Post strikes threaten growth;
Paraguay: Public transport dilemma puts Cartes in a tight spot;
Paraguay: Prison guards’ strike exposes unresolved problems;
Uruguay: Lorenzo walks over Pluna scandal;
Uruguay: Bordaberry blasts FA’s security record;
Brazil: A hangover before the party even begins?;
Brazil: Rousseff’s dilemma – inflation vs. growth;
Brazil: Labour market not entirely made of Teflon;
Brazil: My house, my life – my president;
Brazil: Campos and Neves make strategic alliances;
Brazil: The clock is ticking; and
Postscript: Mercosur-EU talks set back again.

Full-text available in .pdf


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