2017-09 Education

Our next discussion, provisionally entitled “Education”, will take place on Wednesday 2017-09-20 (room to be announced).


The subject has come up in each of our previous sessions on Populism and Automation whether in terms of how it affects the evolution of societies or how best to prepare for the future of work.

The Graduate Institute will hold a panel discussion on 2017-11-02 at 17:30 aimed at answering the question: Is education a future-proof route to stable employment? {you can sign up  here} so we propose the following two articles as the basis for our own discussion:

2017-02-02 How to teach citizenship in schools, Governments are failing to prepare the young to use their votes well The Economist opinion 4 min

2012-09-23 Education empowers people and promotes democracy UNESCO World Education Blog blog3 2 min

2015-09-11 Empathy in Action: How Teachers Prepare Future Citizens (Edutopia.org) blog3  4 min

2015-10-09 Toolkit for Promoting Empathy (startempathy.org) 

2013-05-14 “Want a stronger democracy? Invest on Education” – How misleading is this statement? studentnovasbe academic 3 min

2011-06-23 Degrees of democracy, More education does not necessarily lead to greater enthusiasm for representative politics The Economist opinion 4 min

2010 Education’s Role in Democracy: The Power of Pluralism Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon Etica & Politica / Ethics & Politics, XII, 2010, 1, pp. 134−156 academic

2009-11-03 Want a Stronger Democracy? Invest in Education, Edward L. Glaeser NB like only works in Chrome academic 3 min

2007 Why does democracy need education? Edward L. Glaeser · Giacomo A. M. Ponzetto ·& Andrei Shleifer J Econ Growth (2007) 12:77–99 academic

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