New Arrivals RSS

In addition to the recommendations herein the Library New Arrivals RSS feed can be refined to provide updates for specific areas as such as:

and these same RSS feeds can be added to OutLook and set up to provide alerts directly in your Outlook Inbox as follows:

1. In Outlook right click the RSS Feed folder& select “Add a new RSS Feed”

2. Enter the url of any of the above links or indeed one of your own refined design & click “Add”

3 .Click “Yes”

4. Select your new feed

NB it should be entitled “All new catalog items” & contain (29 or 30) items

5. In Outlook right click “Rules” & select “Create Rule …”

6. Check “From All new catalog items” then click “Advanced options”

7. In step 1: Select condition(s) by checking:

“with ???? in the subject or body”

then click the ???? after “And with …” in the lower window.

8. Select the ???? text in the search list & click remove

9. Type & “Add” your search term e.g. “Trade” then click “OK

10. If you now have something in the lower window that looks like the following then click “Next”

11. Check: “move a copy to the All new catalog items folder” then scroll down & check “display a specific message in the New Item Alert window”

Then in the lower window click “a specific message”

12. Enter a text for the alert message & click “OK” e.g.

13. Then again in the lower window click “All new catalog items” select your “Inbox” in the dialog and click “OK

14. If you now have something in the lower window that looks like the following the click “Next” twice

15. In this last dialog check “Run this rule now …” & click “Finish”

16. Click “OK” to accept

17. Depending on the search term you chose you should then get a series of alerts as shown.

If you have any problems or suggestions please leave a message & we will get in touch.

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