2018-03 Crypto-currencies

The future of money?


NB highlighted items were added after our discussion. Please feel free to send further suggestions &/or simply add them using the comments below.

Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryptocurrency wikipedia

2018-06-11 Bitcoin price plunges after cryptocurrency exchange is hacked (theguardian.com)

2018-04-25 The IMF Isn’t Ready to Lead Cryptocurrency Regulation (cigionline.org)

2018-04-23 These 11 questions will help you decide if blockchain is right for your business blog3 (weforum.org)

2018-04-12 Blockchain is facing a backlash. Can it survive? blog3 (weforum.org)

2018-04-05 A 200-Year-Old Idea Offers a New Way to Trace Stolen Bitcoins blog3(Wired.com)

2018-03-20 Cryptocurrencies: The Year of Regulatory Reckoning blog3 (Oxan.com)

2018-03-19 Are Governments Perverting the Spirit of Cryptos? blog3 (globalpolicyjournal.com)

2018-03-11 Cryptocurrencies video (John Oliver)

2018-02-28 Bill Gates: cryptocurrencies have ’caused deaths in a fairly direct way’  news2 News  (The Guardian)

2018-02-21 Venezuela says launch of ‘petro’ cryptocurrency raised $735 million news2 (Reuters)

2018-02-20 Venezuela launches the ‘petro,’ its cryptocurrency news2 (Washington Post)

2018-02-11 IMF chief: Cryptocurrency regulation is ‘inevitable’ video (CNN)

2018-02-08 Bitcoin: what have experts said about the cryptocurrency? news2(theguardian.com)

2018-01-26 ‘The Biggest Theft in History’: What We Know So Far About the $530 Million Coincheck Hack (CNN.com)

2018-01-21 There Is Nothing Virtual About Bitcoin’s Energy Appetite news2 (www.nytimes.com)

2017-12-30 The reason bitcoin uses a lot of energy is rooted in the way the bitcoin network operates news2 (www.independent.co.uk)

2017-12-19 Bitcoin: a satirist explains video (youtube.com)

2017-11-07 Why Cryptocurrencies Could Push The Dollar From World Reserve Currency Status news2 (Forbes)

2017-10-16 A Letter to Jamie Dimon (And anyone else still struggling to understand cryptocurrencies) blog3 (https://blog.chain.com)

2017-09-30 IMF Head Foresees the End of Banking and the Triumph of Cryptocurrency (Foundation for Economic Education)

2017-09-01 The Unparalleled Explosion in Cryptocurrencies (www.visualcapitalist.com)


2017-07-07 Ever wonder how Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) actually work? (TED) video

2017-06-07 The consequences of allowing a cryptocurrency takeover, or trying to head one off  news2 (The Financial Times)

2016-05 The Future of Money (TED) video

2014-04-13 How Bitcoin Works in 5 Minutes video

2014-02-25 Apparent Theft at Mt. Gox Shakes Bitcoin World (NYTimes.com)

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