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Library acquisitions — June 2016

We are pleased to send you our list of selected new acquisitions from June 2016. You can send your requests to Web.Librarian@wto.org.

The list is also available on Library’s website: http://intranet/__resources/library/_en/new_for_you_new_books.html.

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Covers Title, Authors/Editor details, WTO catalogue records email request links Previews
The age of global value chains : maps and policy issues / edited by JoĂŁo Amador and Filippo di Mauro.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926398

This publication is available in e-book format only.

Full text: http://goo.gl/hHbA0X

ASEAN and regional free trade agreements / edited by Christopher Findlay.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926339

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/eDe84O

BRICS trade strategy : time for a rethink / by Simon J. Evenett.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926406

This publication is available in e-book format only.

Full text: http://goo.gl/AIgv94

The development of World Trade Organization law : examining change in international law / Gregory Messenger.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926343

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/nf07Tx

The economics of international integration / Miroslav N. Jovanovic.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1925697

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/aFbo09

The economics of poverty : history, measurement, and policy / Martin Ravallion.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926212

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/uSLXeh

Eficácia do sistema de solução de controvérsias da OMC / Luciana Maria de Oliveira.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926426

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: http://goo.gl/xGCYDH

Governance by indicators : global power through quantification and rankings / edited by Kevin E. Davis … [et al.].

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926337

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/18XSEu

Growth of the international economy, 1820-2015 / Michael Graff, A. G. Kenwood and A. L. Lougheed.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926400

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/zBJLEC

The Oxford handbook of international climate change law / edited by Cinnamon P. Carlarne, Kevin R. Gray, Richard G. Tarasofsky.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926037

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/ylS4MR

The path of world trade law in the 21st century / Steve Charnovitz.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926132

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/6ssf7g

The regulation of international trade : volume 1 : GATT / Petros C. Mavroidis.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926331

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/QZHbYC

The regulation of international trade : volume 2 : the WTO agreements on trade in goods / Petros C. Mavroidis.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926333

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Full record: https://w10300fr.eos-intl.eu/W10300FR/OPAC/Details/Record.aspx?BibCode=98780141

Preview: https://goo.gl/jWO3Ce

WTO dispute settlement and the TRIPS agreement : applying intellectual property standards in a trade law framework / Matthew Kennedy.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926412

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/iWyBpr



Library acquisitions — September 2015

We are pleased to send you our list of selected new acquisitions for September 2015. You can send your requests to web.librarian@wto.org.

The list is also available on Library’s website: http://intranet/__resources/library/_en/new_for_you_new_books.html.

For continuous updates on the latest trade news, don’t forget to check out the “Latest in trade” RSS feed: http://intranet/en/resources/library/library.htm

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Journal of World Trade, published by Kluwer, is a bi-monthly peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal dedicated to discussion of international trade law and practices. Aiming to support researchers, government officials, and trade negotiators, Journal of World Trade includes articles and analysis on a range of topics including regional integration, negotiation of trade agreements, trends in trade measures, and the ongoing evolution of the international trading system.

To browse the latest issue (volume 49, no. 5) or consult articles from previous issues, visit Journal of World Trade here: http://goo.gl/S8xO1v. The journal’s website is optimized for Google Chrome.

Covers Title, Authors/Editor details, WTO catalogue records email request links Previews
20 years of the WTO : a retrospective / World Trade Organization.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926124

Request: web.librarian

Preview: https://goo.gl/opCVmO

China business 2.0 : analyze the economy, understand the society, and manage effectively / Henk R. Randau, Olga Medinskaya.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1925996

Request: web.librarian

Preview: https://goo.gl/kEKMGW

China in the international economic order : new directions and changing paradigms / edited by Lisa Toohey, Colin B. Picker, Jonathan Greenacre.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1925975

Request: web.librarian

Preview: https://goo.gl/YhZbGJ

O comércio internacional no século XXI : limites e desafios para a defesa comercial / Felipe Hees [Org.].

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926126

Request: web.librarian

Preview: http://goo.gl/rtw0pz

Diagnostics for a globalized world / Sten Thore, Ruzanna Tarverdyan.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926102

Request: web.librarian

Preview: https://goo.gl/3rwntq

A digest of WTO jurisprudence on public international law concepts and principles / Graham Cook.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926013

Request: web.librarian

Preview: https://goo.gl/JMS4jC

The foundation of the ASEAN Economic Community : an institutional and legal profile / Stefano Inama and Edmund W. Sim.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1925979

Request: web.librarian

Preview: https://goo.gl/I4eUFS

Intellectual property and private international law / edited by Paul Torremans.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1925865

Request: web.librarian

Preview: http://goo.gl/RN2kAe

Intellectual property rights as foreign direct investments : from collision to collaboration / Lukas Vanhonnaeker.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1925828

Request: web.librarian

Preview: https://goo.gl/6pr8of

International law and its discontents : confronting crises / edited by Barbara Stark.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1925999

Request: web.librarian

Preview: https://goo.gl/QH8ffb

The making of the TRIPS agreement : personal insights from the Uruguay Round negotiations / edited by Jayashree Watal and Antony Taubman.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926122

Request: web.librarian

Preview: https://goo.gl/5Qke1n

Reconstructing the World Trade Organization for the 21st century : an institutional approach / Kent Jones.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1925969

Request: web.librarian

Preview: https://goo.gl/Ufywj0

A world trade organization for the 21st century : the Asian perspective / edited by Richard Baldwin, Masahiro Kawai, Ganeshan Wignaraja.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1925539

Request: web.librarian

Preview: https://goo.gl/GGzmTL

WTO accessions and trade multilateralism : case studies and lessons from the WTO at twenty / edited by Uri Dadush and Chiedu Osakwe.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926120

Request: web.librarian

Preview: https://goo.gl/FgiE0j

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Library acquisitions — August 2015

Dear all,

We are pleased to share our list of selected new acquisitions for August 2015. You can send your requests to Web.Librarian@wto.org.

The list is also available on Library’s website: http://intranet/__resources/library/_en/new_for_you_new_books.html.

For continuous updates on the latest trade news, don’t forget to check out the “Latest in trade” RSS feed: http://intranet/en/resources/library/library.htm

Kind regards,

Your WTO Library Team

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Covers Title, Authors/Editor details, WTO catalogue records email request links Previews
Accès aux aliments et droit de la propriĂ©tĂ© industrielle : brevet, certificat d’obtention vĂ©gĂ©tale et sĂ©curitĂ© alimentaire dans les pays en dĂ©veloppement / Sylvestre Yamthieu.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926019

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Aid for trade at a glance 2015 : reducing trade costs for inclusive, sustainable growth / World Trade Organization and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926066

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/GvcbcS

ASEAN economic cooperation and integration : progress, challenges and future directions / Siow Yue Chia and Michael G. Plummer.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1925977

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/ewpNsK

Défis du droit de la concurrence déloyale = Challenges of unfair competition law / Jacques de Werra (éd.).

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926007

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: http://goo.gl/8vgOfz

The economics of biofuel policies : impacts on price volatility in grain and oilseed markets / Harry de Gorter, Dusan Drabik, and David R. Just.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1925909

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: http://goo.gl/5seVP5

The European Union and India : rhetoric or meaningful partnership? / Pascaline Winand, Marika Vicziany, Poonam Datar.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1925822

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/DKIOus

The financial obligation in international law / Rutsel Silvestre J. Martha.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1925991

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/hDjxiw

Geographical indications / edited by Michael Blakeney.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1924971

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: http://goo.gl/K2cVap

Handbook on the globalisation of agriculture / edited by Guy M. Robinson, Doris A. Carson.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1925824

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/cLicwI

Innovation and entrepreneurship in the global economy : knowledge, technology and internationalization / edited by Charlie Karlsson, Urban Grasjö, Sofia Wixe.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1925687

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/e07upp

Measuring globalization : better trade statistics for better policy / Susan N. Houseman and Michael Mandel.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926046

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/BLEv2S

Public policy in international economic law : the ICESCR in trade, finance, and investment / Diane A. Desierto.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1925963

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/iBrE4d

Les sanctions dans le droit de l’Organisation mondiale du commerce / Henri Culot ; prĂ©face de Philippe Coppens.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926017

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/r1vtUk

A strategic guide to managing the in-house legal function / International In-House Counsel Journal.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1925916

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: http://goo.gl/XzHjkR

US and Chinese Strategic Trade Policies and Product Differentiation in the ASEAN Apple Market

We investigate oligopolistic competition between US and Chinese apple exporters in the ASEAN market using strategic trade theory and the NEIO literature. We also analyze competition in the US and Chinese domestic markets. The US supplies higher quality apples to ASEAN than China, resulting in product differentiation. The results show that US exporters had a higher markup than Chinese exporters through the 1990s; however, as the share of Chinese apples expanded, the US markup declined and the Chinese markup increased dramatically. Competitive pricing prevails both in the US and Chinese domestic markets.

Full-text available in .pdf

Energy market integration and regional institutions in east Asia

This article assesses the case made for energy market integration in East Asia by comparing the role of institutions in South East Asia and North East Asia.

Full-text available in .pdf

Regional Bilateral Trade Analysis of the European Union, China and ASEAN

This paper deals with the analysis and evaluation of bilateral trade flows between the European Union and ASEAN, and China and ASEAN. Many preferential trade agreements come into force in accordance with global efforts to liberalize trade. The European Union and China also negotiate to create preferential trade relations with ASEAN. The aim of this paper is to verify whether observed economies that form or plan to form a preferential area are natural trading partners or not and which economy has better position to create such agreement. The analysis uses indices of regional trade intensity and trade complementarity. The analysis clearly shows growing commercial dominance of China in Southeast Asia compared to the EU, but Chinese trade focus on the ASEAN countries weakens. From the perspective of trade complementarity it implies that the EU is more natural trading partner of ASEAN countries than China.

Full-text available in .pdf

Trade Patterns and Determinants of International Specialization Structure between ASEAN and China

China and ASEAN are recognized as the most important markets in the world, hence they have emerged as global factories and parts production bases. And trade between China and ASEAN is rapidly expanding and ASEAN has taken position as one of China’s three major trading partners. Over the last 20 years, there has been a rapid increase in intra-industry trade where differentiated products are traded within the same industries between China and ASEAN countries. Empirical analysis on determinants of the international specialization structure between China and ASEAN countries shows that the deepening structure of vertical international specialization between the two regions over the past 20 years has been directly influenced by variables representing national characteristics, such as distance (trading cost), common language, the size of the national economy and income gap as well as intra-regional foreign direct investment.

Full-text available in .pdf