2019-03-29 The Cultural Backlash

Update 1: 2019-03-31 Anti-corruption lawyer elected Slovakia’s first female president (ft.com)

The Cultural Backlash thesis by Pippa Norris & Ronald Inglehart via www.un.org

  1. (The) rise of progressive and post-materialist values during the 1970s in Western societies
  2. (In a a culture that increasingly) value(s) diverse forms of sexuality and gender identities, LGBT rights, same sex marriage, secular, cosmopolitan, open-mindedness towards diversity of lifestyles and peoples, support for international cooperation but (grows) skeptical towards political institutions
  3. Catalyzes a cultural backlash among social conservatives
  4. If so, authoritarian populist values and votes should be predicted by generation, college education, urbanization, religiosity, race/ethnicity, and sex – as well as by socially-conservative attitudes and authoritarian values


2019-03-17 Anti-corruption lawyer wins first round of Slovakia election (ft.com)

The population is very polarised. One reason is the gap between the behaviour of politicians and the expectations of citizens . . . Like elsewhere, Slovakia is also facing the impact of globalisation, new technologies, terrorism, migration — too much uncertainty,” said Iveta Radicova, who was Slovakia’s first female prime minister in 2010.

2019-03-14 The strongmen strike back (washingtonpost.com) An authoritarian backlash?

Authoritarianism has reemerged as the greatest threat to the liberal democratic world — a profound ideological, as well as strategic, challenge. And we have no idea how to confront it.

Humans do not yearn only for freedom. They also seek security — not only physical security against attack, but the security that comes from family, tribe, race and culture. Liberalism has no particular answer to these needs.


What we used to regard as the inevitable progress toward democracy, driven by economics and science, is being turned on its head. In non-liberal societies, economics and science are leading toward the perfection of dictatorship.

2019-03-06 Revealed: the rise and rise of populist rhetoric (TheGuardian.com)

There have been waves of populism throughout the past 250 years, and in countries such as the United States populism is actually fairly common in third-party movements. But much of Europe and North America are experiencing a wave that for these countries is new.” He added: “It’s extraordinary to see their levels of populism beginning to approach what we see in, say, Latin America.

2019-02-14 Liberalism’s betrayal of itself—and the way back (Economist.com)

Even the ubiquitousness of the term “populism” illustrates a reluctance to think in a nuanced way about the causes of the current backlash. The term is used to describe such a vast range of people, movements and parties—and even, in the case of Brexit, a decision—that it has become almost meaningless. Yet it is used without explanation as if it were self-explanatory. In practice, populism is used “as the label that political elites attach to policies supported by ordinary citizens that they don’t like,” as Francis Fukuyama pithily put it.

2019-02-14 How a Slovakian neo-Nazi got elected (TheGuardian.com)

Many of the same people who voted for a progressive liberal in favour of minority rights as president had backed a far-right extremist party in parliamentary elections. It suggested that actual policies mattered less than the perception of a willingness to shake up the system, he said. “Slovak politics is no longer divided between left and right. People don’t care if parties are leftwing or rightwing. They just want the government to get shit done.

2016-07-06 3 Reasons Brits Voted For Brexit (Forbes.com)

  1. Opponents of the EU argued that it is a dysfunctional economic entity.
  2. (A) growing distrust of multinational financial, trade, and defense organizations created after World War II.
  3. Brexit was a vote against the British elite. Voters thought politicians, business leaders, and intellectuals had lost their right to control the system.

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