The Library

We promote the understanding of the multilateral trading system through our collection of print and electronic resources.

Our catalog is accessible online via either Aquabrowser or EOS Search, as are links to our digital resources, details of our new acquisitions and regular reading recommendations.

Our recently refurbished reading room is open to anyone with an interest in the multilateral trading system here:

Click “View larger map” for directions, telephone contact details, opening hours, photographs and feel free to leave a review.

The Library policy is available here WT/INF/213

Those who wish to visit on a regular basis can request simplified access as follows:

NB When you click “Submit” your details should be sent to however it is essential to confirm your contact details and complete your request by emailing copies of the following documents to the same address:

  • your ID card or Passport,
  • a letter from faculty, study supervisor or employer confirming the nature of your studies\interest.

FYI simplified access is typically granted for up to a maximum of six months though this can be extended as appropriate.

Most comments do not require moderator approval but this will only last as long as everyone plays fair

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