2018-07 Migration


2018-07-17 After this World Cup victory, can France finally throw off racism?  (theGuardian.com)

Discussion: Friday 2018-07-06 @ 13:00

Human Migration (Wikipedia)

Global Compact for Migration (iom.int)

The “new arrivals” project:

Europe migrant crisis (bbc.com)

2018-07-04 Migration ‘not just a security issue,’ says France’s Macron (france24.com)

2018-07-01 Hostility to migrants is not born of rising numbers but a failure of hope (theGuardian.com)

2018-06-25 Five myths about the refugee crisis (theGuardian.com) audio

2018-06-21 The future of politics will be dominated by migration (theGuardian.com)

2018-06-20 International Migration Outlook 2018 (OECD)

2018-06-18 Why one country is promoting immigration audio 22 min 43 sec (theGuardian.com)

2018-06-20 Drowned, restrained, shot: how these migrants died for a better life (theGuardian.com)

2018-06-01, 04 & 07 How to convince sceptics of the value of immigration? (economist.com)

This “Open Essay” offers a new format in which a writer develops an argument in three installments over the course of a full week, in conversation with our readers.

2018-06-03 A historic exodus is leaving Venezuela without teachers, doctors and electricians (washingtonpost.com)

2018-05-29 Confronting the Global Forced Migration Crisis (csis.org)

The size and scope of the global forced migration crisis are unprecedented. Almost 66 million people worldwide have been forced from home by conflict. If recent trends continue, this figure could increase to between 180 and 320 million people by 2030. This global crisis already poses serious challenges to economic growth and risks to stability and national security, as well as an enormous human toll affecting tens of millions of people.

2018-05-05 Many countries suffer from shrinking working-age populations (economist.com)

2017-08-17 Human Flow

2017-07-13 A world of free movement would be $78 trillion richer (economist.com)

Labour is the world’s most valuable commodity—yet thanks to strict immigration regulation, most of it goes to waste,” argue Bryan Caplan and Vipul Naik in “A radical case for open borders.


The potential gains from open borders dwarf those of, say, completely free trade, let alone foreign aid. Yet the idea is everywhere treated as a fantasy. In most countries fewer than 10% of people favour it. (…) Nonetheless, it is worth asking what might happen if borders were, indeed, open.


Leaving one’s homeland requires courage and resilience. Migrants must wave goodbye to familiar people, familiar customs and grandma’s cooking. Many people would rather not make that sacrifice, even for the prospect of large material rewards.

2017-05-30 The moral maze of refugees and migration Open the door or build a wall. How should we respond to millions of displaced people? Duration: 00:53:51

2017-05-24 Migration should be a choice (ilo.org also available in French & Spanish)

2015-03-06 Map Shows How Humans Migrated Across The Globe (Business Insider) video3

2015-04-24 DNA Reveals Undiscovered Ancient Migration Route (National Geographic) video2

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