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Library acquisitions — April 2017

We are pleased to send you our list of selected new acquisitions from April 2017. You can send your requests to Web.Librarian@wto.org.

The list is also available on Library’s website: http://intranet/__resources/library/_en/new_for_you_new_books.html.

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Comparative economic development in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh : agriculture in the 20th century / Takashi Kurosaki.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926744

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview unavailable
Global political economy / edited by John Ravenhill.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926684

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/3pgyZU

Global political economy : theory and practice / Theodore H. Cohn.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926633

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/F2TXU5

Governing climate change / Harriet Bulkeley and Peter Newell.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926730

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/rfVTR9

International investment law : reconciling policy and principle / Surya P. Subedi.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926704

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/wIyVa6

An introduction to international investment law / David Collins.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926623

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/gPWfOK

Multilevel constitutionalism for multilevel governance of public goods : methodology problems in international law / Ernst Ulrich Petersmann.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926539

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/SAMNvm

Negociación internacional : enfoque estratégico / Luis Alfonso Gómez Dominguez.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926665

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/1OPnAV

Non-discrimination and the role of regulatory purpose in international trade and investment law / Andrew D. Mitchell, David Heaton, Caroline Henckels.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926686

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/IO85RE

Rethinking free trade, economic integration and human rights in the Americas / María Belén Olmos Giupponi.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926692

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/133aKp

Treaty shopping in international investment law / Jorun Baumgartner.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926659

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/R8BHlH

World on the move : consumption patterns in a more equal global economy / Tomás Hellebrandt and Paolo Mauro ; assisted by Ján Zilinský.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926678

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/fkRNsx

WTO retaliation : effectiveness and purposes / Michelle Limenta.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926700

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/nRmxPv