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Library acquisitions — June 2017

We are pleased to send you our list of selected new acquisitions from June 2017. You can send your requests to Web.Librarian@wto.org.

The list is also available on Library’s website: http://intranet/__resources/library/_en/new_for_you_new_books.html.

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Comércio internacional : transportes e pagamentos, operações aduaneiras / José M. Albuquerque Martins.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926893

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview unavailable
Compliance and enforcement of environmental law / edited by LeRoy C Paddock, David L Markell, Nicholas S Bryner.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926790

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/cbRpoa

Economic methods for lawyers / Emanuel V. Towfigh, Niels Petersen ; with contributions by Markus Englerth … [et al.].

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926809

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/uYSo4A

Informe anual 2017 de la OMC / Organización Mundial del Comercio.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|88673725

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Full text: https://goo.gl/QXgvFu

International law as a profession / edited by Jean d’Aspremont … [et al.].

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926766

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/Keuavr

North-south regional trade agreements as legal regimes : a critical assessment of the EU-SADC economic partnership agreement / Clair Gammage.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926776

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/dM9zqz

Rapport annuel 2017 de l’OMC / Organisation mondiale du commerce.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|88673608

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Full text: https://goo.gl/YuLR6M

Regional inter-dependence and Vietnam-Korea economic relationship / Tran Toan Thang … [et al].

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926830

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview unavailable
Research handbook on climate change and agricultural law / edited by Mary Jane Angelo, Anél Du Plessis.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926786

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/Ge2pyp

Rethinking international commercial arbitration : towards default arbitration / Gilles Cuniberti.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926782

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/ayvvbG

Technology innovation law and practice : cases and materials / Theodore M. Hagelin.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926834

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/Zd5ZA9

The WHO red book on access to medicines and intellectual property : 20 years later / Germán Velásquez, Pascale Boulet.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926832

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview unavailable
WTO annual report 2017 / World Trade Organization.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|88666430

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Full text: https://goo.gl/78KWMK



A cross-country index of intellectual property rights in pharmaceutical inventions

Building on the seminal work of Ginarte and Park (1997. Research Policy. 26, 283–301), we develop an index of property rights in pharmaceutical inventions, the Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property Protection (PIPP) Index, for 154 countries spanning 1960 to 2005. It incorporates five types of property rights in pharmaceuticals; six statutory measures of enforcement; and adherence to three international agreements providing for the grant and enforcement of rights to foreigners. For both developed and developed countries, the PIPP Index starts at low levels in 1960, increases slowly through the early 1990s, and then sharply increases due to minimum standards set by the 1995 TRIPS Agreement.

Full-text available in .pdf

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