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Library acquisitions — September 2017

We are pleased to share our list of selected new acquisitions from September 2017. You can send your requests to Web.Librarian@wto.org.

The list is also available on Library’s website: http://intranet/__resources/library/_en/new_for_you_new_books.html.

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Agricultural trade, policy reforms, and global food security / Kym Anderson.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926921

Request: web.librarian@wto.org



Agriculture and rural development in a globalizing world : challenges and opportunities / edited by Prabhu Pingali and Gershon Feder.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926936

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/p27i5q

Aid for trade at a glance 2017 : promoting trade, inclusiveness and connectivity for sustainable development / World Trade Organization and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926966

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Full-text: http://goo.gl/F8K6NH

Assessing the World Trade Organization : fit for purpose? World trade forum / edited by Manfred Elsig, Bernard Hoekman, Joost Pauwelyn.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926732

Featured in Meet the Author during WTO Public Forum 2017

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/HhL2NE
General principles of law and international due process : principles and norms applicable in transnational disputes / Charles T. Kotuby Jr. and Luke A. Sobota.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926855

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/jzCeyx

Global value chain development report 2017 : measuring and analyzing the impact of GVCs on economic development / World Bank Group, IDE-JETRO, OECD, UIBE, World Trade Organization.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926952

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Full-text: https://goo.gl/jjgntK

The great convergence : information technology and the new globalization / Richard Baldwin.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926543

Featured in Meet the Author during WTO Public Forum 2017

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/iu3WIO

A handbook on the WTO dispute settlement system / prepared by the Legal Affairs Division and the Rules Division of the WTO Secretariat, and the Appellate Body Secretariat.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926970

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: http://goo.gl/CxJKQr

International finance and open-economy macroeconomics : theory, history, and policy / Hendrik Van den Berg.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926897

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/RqimB5

The law and policy of the World Trade Organization : text, cases and materials / Peter Van den Bossche, Werner Zdouc.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926968

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/JjkfaH

Mapping a new world order : the rest beyond the west / edited by Vladimir Popov, Piotr Dutkiewicz.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926774

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/y3shcD

Multilevel constitutionalism for multilevel governance of public goods : methodology problems in international law / Ernst Ulrich Petersmann.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926539

Featured in Meet the Author during WTO Public Forum 2017

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/SAMNvm

World trade report 2017 : trade, technology and jobs / World Trade Organization.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|12083088

Audio of launch during WTO Public Forum 2017 available: https://www.wto.org/english/forums_e/public_forum17_e/pf17programme_e.htm

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Full-text: https://goo.gl/vVr8TZ



Issues of modern macroeconomics: new post-crisis perspectives on the world economy

Modern macroeconomics has failed in the analysis of both the US banking and the euro crises, respectively, and there is also a rather inadequate view on a range of relevant policy issues. The approach presented herein looks at the reasons for analytical failure and suggests means of improvement – picking up proposals from the literature as well as contributing new ones.

Full-text available in .pdf

Economic Development as Opportunity Equalization

Economic development should be conceived of as the degree to which an economy has implemented an efficient and just distribution of economic resources. The ubiquitous measure of GDP per capita reflects a utilitarian conception of justice, where individual utility is defined as personal income, and social welfare is the average of utilities in a population. A more attractive conception of justice is opportunity-equalization.

Full-text available in.pdf