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Library acquisitions — February 2017

We are pleased to send you our list of selected new acquisitions from February 2017. You can send your requests to Web.Librarian@wto.org.

The list is also available on Library’s website: http://intranet/__resources/library/_en/new_for_you_new_books.html.

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Your WTO Library Team

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China en el siglo XXI : ¬Ņhacia una nueva bipolaridad? / Mar√≠a Cristina Rosas ; pr√≥logo de Guillermo J. R. Gardu√Īo Valero.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926625

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview unavailable
China’s influence on non-trade concerns in international economic law / edited by Paolo Davide Farah, Elena Cima.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926612

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/YG2V94

Cotton / Adam Sneyd.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926643

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/E9Onsc

Emergence en Méditerranée : attractivité, investissements internationaux et délocalisations / [edited by] Hakim Ben Hamouda, Nassim Oulmane, René Sandretto.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926616

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/fQ6jDf

Fundamentos del derecho internacional p√ļblico / V√≠ctor Rodr√≠guez Cede√Īo.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926600

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview unavailable
A graduação de Angola dos PMA : perspectivas e desafios / Adelino A. S. Muxito, Gilberto D. F. António.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926587

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Executive summary: https://goo.gl/qGtO1d

King cotton in international trade : the political economy of dispute resolution at the WTO / Meredith A. Taylor Black.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926641

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/xGsRNC

Relaciones comerciales CAN-UE : una perspectiva andina / Alan Fairlie Reinoso, Sandra Queija de la Sotta.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926618

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview unavailable
Research handbook on electronic commerce law / edited by John A. Rothchild.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926653

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/zKufpO

Research handbook on international law and cyberspace / edited by Nicholas Tsagourias, Russell Buchan.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926649

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview https://goo.gl/MDlrvo

Rethinking cyberlaw : a new vision for internet law / Jacqueline Lipton.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926651

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/s7fGWx

Solución de controversias en los TLC : aportes del derecho de la OMC / Julián Tole Martinez.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926657

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview: https://goo.gl/Mdvsej

El TLC Costa Rica-China en el contexto de América Latina / Juan Manuel Villasuso.

WTO catalogue : http://wto.aquabrowser.com/?itemid=|WTO-Marc|1926602

Request: web.librarian@wto.org

Preview unavailable