This new resource combines our two “New for you” pages with their hand-picked lists of featured articles & resources and new book acquisitions into a single expanded resource with the following advantages:

  1. entries are now tagged to allow selection by topic e.g. Agriculture  or World Bank and categorized to allow selection by resource type e.g. Book Acquisitions or working papers,
  2. calendar & monthly archive links allow you to home in on recommendations from any given period,
  3. below each recommendation there is the option to leave a comment to let us & anyone else who visits the page know what you think so we can improve the service.

To get started simply enter your favorite subject in the search box, follow a link to a recent post, comment or tag, select a resource type or use the calendar tools to browse back to early 2012*.

And don’t forget to leave a comment to let us know what you think.


Web Librarians

* The search box, resource type, tags etc can either be found:

  • to the right of pages viewed on a PC,
  • below the comment box on pages viewed on a smart phone or tablet device.

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