Manage Your Digital Read-it-Later List… Before It’s Too Late!

“Most of us have some kind of system for saving online articles we want to read…eventually. Maybe you favorite tweets, employ a dedicated app like Instapaper, add links to a bookmarks folder, or leave a few gazillion tabs open in your web browser.

There’s just one problem with this habit: You add stories to your list faster than you can check them off, increasing your roundup with each passing week. Eventually, read-it-later lists can become as clogged as email inboxes.

It’s time to finally finish your pile of saved stories—or at least whittle it down to a manageable size.”

A recent article from Popular Science aims to help combat digital information overload and manage the items you put aside as “to be read later”. Tips and strategies proposed include not only those to help in the short term, but also those that will help in the longer term.

Read on and see what tools you can put into practice to save time, while staying informed!

The full article is available at Popular Science here:

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