Library Acquisitions — June 2015


Looking for e-books on finance, economics, organization studies, public policy, or environmental issues? Explore the Emerald eBook Series collection! This electronic resource enables searching and download of publications on a wide range of subjects in various formats. More than 1350 volumes from over 140 book series are now available through this database and new titles are added regularly.To learn more about and browse this collection, visit the Emerald Insight database here:


Covers Title, Authors/Editor details, WTO catalogue records email request links Previews
China, the European Union and the developing world : a triangular relationship / edited by Jan Wouters, Jean-Christophe Defraigne, Mattieu Burnay.WTO catalogue :|WTO-Marc|1925691Request: Preview:
Competition, coordination and diversity : from the firm to economic integration / Pascal Salin.WTO catalogue :|WTO-Marc|1925989Request: Preview:
The great debate : Edmund Burke, Thomas Paine, and the birth of right and left / Yuval Levin.WTO catalogue :|WTO-Marc|1925940Request: Preview:
Handbook on China and developing countries / edited by Carla P. Freeman.WTO catalogue :|WTO-Marc|1925820Request: Preview:
Handbook on trade and development / edited by Oliver Morrissey, Ricardo A. LĂłpez, Kishor Sharma.WTO catalogue :|WTO-Marc|1925817Request: Preview:
The history and origin of international environmental law / edited by Peter H. Sand.WTO catalogue :|WTO-Marc|1925844Request: Preview:
A history of law and lawyers in the GATTWTO : the development of the rule of law in the multilateral trading system / edited by Gabrielle Marceau.WTO catalogue :|WTO-Marc|1925946Request: Preview:
Innovation under uncertainty : the future of carbon-free energy technologies / edited by Valentina Bosetti, Michela Catenacci.WTO catalogue :|WTO-Marc|1924460Request: Preview:
Intellectual property and general legal principles : is IP a lex specialis? / edited by Graeme B. Dinwoodie.WTO catalogue :|WTO-Marc|1925836Request: Preview:
International economic law after the global crisis : a tale of fragmented disciplines / [edited by] C. L. Lim, Bryan Mercurio.WTO catalogue :|WTO-Marc|1925981Request: Preview:
Neither free trade nor protection : a critical political economy of trade theory and practice / Bill Dunn.WTO catalogue :|WTO-Marc|1925853Request: Preview:
Regional environmental law : transregional comparative lessons in pursuit of sustainable development / edited by Werner Scholtz, Jonathan Verschuuren.WTO catalogue :|WTO-Marc|1925671Request: web.librarian Preview:
Temporary knowledge ecologies : the rise of trade fairs in the Asia-Pacific region / edited by Harald Bathelt, Gang Zeng.WTO catalogue :|WTO-Marc|1925848Request: Preview:
The travels of a t-shirt in the global economy : an economist examines the markets, power, and politics of world trade / Pietra Rivoli.WTO catalogue :|WTO-Marc|1925749Request: Preview:



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