New OECD publications on innovation and technology, March-April 2015

In March and April 2015, OECD launched several new publications relating to different issues and topics under the broader subjects of innovation and technology.


Scientific Advice for Policy Making: The Role and Responsibility of Expert Bodies and Individual Scientists is of particular import in light of the use of science advice in policy decisions and actions in the handling of the Ebola outbreak, Fukushima accident, and L’Aquila earthquake. This publication argues that governments would benefit from agreeing upon common principles for developing and communicating scientific advice, in crisis situations as well as for long-term policy development or change. The volume also looks at differentiating advisory roles from policy decision-making roles and the need to define legal responsibilities and liability of scientific advisors.


World Corporate Top R&D Investors: Innovation and IP bundles, a report published by the OECD and the European Commission, presents data and statistics on the innovation output of the top 2000 corporate R&D investors worldwide. Patents and trademarks are used as proxy indicators.


Industry Self Regulation: Role and Use in Supporting Consumer Interests considers industry self-regulation and the benefits it can provide to both industry and consumers and the implementation of codes of conduct and standards. The report examines conditions and situations where there are likely to be benefits and the steps required to ensure such initiatives succeed.


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