Bhutan, National Accounts Report 2014

The National Statistics Bureau would like to announce that economy for the year 2013 has grown by 2.05 percent as compared to 5.07 percent of the previous year. The growth has slowed down by about 3 percentage point. However, the average growth in the last five years, showed 6.7 percent.
The decline in the growth was attributed by some sectors which showed a negative growth to the extent of 8 percent.
In nominal terms, the level of GDP has touched Nu.104,378.08 million as compared to Nu.97,452.96 in 2012. The construction and the agriculture sector had been the major contributor to the GDP (16.9%, 16.2%) followed by electricity sector (14.2%).
The per-capita GDP for the year works out to Nu.142983.77 as compared to Nu. 135351.33 of the previous year and in terms of USD, the per-capita are 2440.41 during the current year.
The Gross Capital Formation or Investment in the economy recorded Nu. 21,393.41 million in 2013 which is almost 35 percent decrease from 2012 in constant prices. Government investment decreased by 22.5 percent in 2013 while the private investment decreased by 38.5 percent.
Implicit GDP Deflator, which is measured as ratio of GDP at current prices to GDP at constant prices, recorded a price level change of 4.95 percent in 2013.

Full-text available in .pdf


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