Beggar-Thy-Poor-Neighbour: Crisis-Era Protectionism and Developing Countries

1. Beggar-Thy-Poor-Neighbour: The incidence of Protectionism in LDCs and Sub-Saharan Africa
Part one: The Impact of Protectionism on Developing Countries
2. Free trade, protectionism and the balance of trade: New empirical insights
3. Trade measures of OECD countries and the decline in exports of African Coutires: is murky protectionism responsible?
4. Protectionist Trade Policy Instruments in the global economic crises: an impact analysis from Africa-EU and Africa-US trade relations
5. SADC Crisis era trade policy and its effect on intra regional trade and investiments
6. The conomic crisis and the protection of domestic workers: the case of Foreign Workers Firsts out policy in Malaysia’s manufacturing sector.
Part two: Country Specific Data on the Incidence of Crisis- Era Protectionism on the Least Developed Countries and on Africa

Full-text available in .pdf


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