The link between regional integration agreements, trade flows and economic crisis: A static and dynamic gravity model / Bassem Kahouli, Samir Maktouf.

One of the most remarkable phenomena in the world economy during the last 20 years was the enormous growth of the number of RTAs. These agreements are treated between the economic units to reduce barriers to the movement of goods, services, capital, labor, etc. Most of the RTAs tend to be regional (or continental) in the scope and most tend to be FTA (or PTA). In January 2013, more than 546 RTAs have been notified to the WTO which nearly 354 were active. The international trade is the most advantageous economic factor, pushing economies in integration. The international trade flows are often seen as indicators of links between the economic centers of the region. In this context, the present work uses the approach based on the application of the law of gravity for the study of the flows of export and the effects of the RTAs.

Full-text available in .html and .pdf


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