China’s ten years in the WTO: review and perspectives / Huijiong Wang and Shantong Li and Qi Wang

The primary purpose for the World Trade Organization (WTO) is to open trade for the benefits of all. Since its accession to WTO in 2001, China has experienced remarkable economic growth with an average annual growth rate of around 10.5 percent GDP in the past ten years and has moved itself up from the original sixth position to the second on the world largest exporters’ rank. This has served as a linchpin for global trade, benefiting exporters of commodities such as Australia as well as exporters of capital goods such as Germany and Japan. This shows clearly the role contributed by WTO and the benefits of open trade. China’s reform process has also been benefited from its accession into WTO.

There are several systematic studies summarizing the lessons and experience of China’s ten years in the WTO both in China and abroad. This paper will contribute to the current understanding about China’s WTO experience by reviewing relevant
literature and adding new perspectives on some issues not fully discussed in the literature. This paper is organized into two main parts: Part I will provide a brief review of four selected publications, two in Chinese and two by international
organizations. It aims at providing English readers with the essential information about China’s ten years in WTO. Part II will provide some analysis of selected issues not fully addressed in the publications from the perspective of the authors. Brief concluding remarks are provided in the end.

Full-text available in .html and .pdf


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