Library acquisitions — May 2013

Dear all,

We are pleased to send you our list of selected new acquisitions for May 2013. You can send your requests to Web.Librarian

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Covers Title, Authors/Editor details, WTO catalogue records email request links Previews
Globalization and the BRICs : why the BRICs will not rule the world for long / Francesca Beausang.

WTO catalogue :|WTO-Marc|1923680

The future of international law : global government / Joel P. Trachtman.

WTO catalogue:|WTO-Marc|1923665

Geographical indications and international agricultural trade : the challenge for Asia / edited by Louis Augustin-Jean, Hélène Ilbert and Neantro Saavedra-Rivano.WTO catalogue:|WTO-Marc|1923677Request:
The international handbook of competition – second edition / edited by Manfred Neumann and Jürgen Weigand.

WTO catalogue:|WTO-Marc|92402922

Poverty and the international economic legal system : duties to the world’s poor / Krista Nadakavukaren Schefer.

WTO catalogue:|WTO-Marc|1923675

Prospects in international investment law and policy : World Trade Forum / edited by Roberto and Pierre Sauvé.

WTO catalogue:|WTO-Marc|1923671

The relevant market in international economic law : a comparative antitrust and GATT analysis / Christian A. Melischek.WTO catalogue:|WTO-Marc|1923682Request:
International trade disputes and EU liability / Anne Thies.

WTO catalogue:|WTO-Marc|1923663

International trade policies and climate change governance / P. K. Rao.

WTO catalogue:|WTO-Marc|1923661

Environmental governance in Europe : a comparative analysis of new environmental policy instruments / Rüdiger K.W. Wurzel, Anthony R. Zito and Andrew J. Jordan.

WTO catalogue:|WTO-Marc|1923490

World trade regulation : international trade under the WTO mechanism / Eun Sup Lee.

WTO catalogue:|WTO-Marc|1923697

The process of internationalization in emerging SMEs and emerging economies / edited by Hamid Etemad.

WTO catalogue:|WTO-Marc|1923466

Economic growth in an open developing economy : the role of structure and demand / A.P. Thirlwall.

WTO catalogue:|WTO-Marc|1923474


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