Library acquisitions — March 2013

Covers Title, Authors/Editor details, WTO catalogue records email request links Previews
Trade, poverty, development : getting beyond the WTO’s Doha deadlock / edited by Rorden Wilkinson and James Scott.

WTO catalogue :|WTO-Marc|1923424

Rising tide : is growth in emerging economies good for the United States? / Lawrence Edwards and Robert Z. Lawrence.

WTO catalogue:|WTO-Marc|1923528

The Millennium Development Goals and beyond : global development after 2015 / edited by Rorden Wilkinson and David Hulme.

WTO catalogue:|WTO-Marc|1923422

Globalisation, the global financial crisis and the state / edited by John H. Farrar and David G. Mayes.

WTO catalogue:|WTO-Marc|1923007

Africa’s future : darkness to destiny : how the past is shaping Africa’s economic evolution / Duncan Clarke.

WTO catalogue:|WTO-Marc|1922979

Development policy of the European Union / Martin Holland and Mathew Doidge.

WTO catalogue:|WTO-Marc|1922948


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