Acquisitions Dec 2012

Please find hereunder our latest selection of acquisitions.

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Asian monetary integration: coping with a new monetary order after the global crisis / Woosik Moon and Yeongseop Rhee.WTO catalogue:|WTO-Marc|1922473

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The challenge of food security : international policy and regulatory frameworks / Rosemary Rayfuse and Nicole Weisfelt.WTO catalogue:|WTO-Marc|1922912

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Asian responses to the global financial crisis : the impact of regionalism and the role of the G20 / edited by Jehoon Park, T.J. Pempel, Geng Xiao.WTO catalogue:|WTO-Marc|1923016

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Theories and practices of compliance with WTO law / Yenkong Ngangjoh Hodu.WTO catalogue:|WTO-Marc|1923099

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China, the European Union and global governance / edited by Jan Wouters … [et al.].WTO catalogue:|WTO-Marc|1922509

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Globalization : trade agreements, global health and United Nations involvement / editors, Marilyn G. Massari and Karl J. Lutz.WTO catalogue:|WTO-Marc|1921266

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International copyright law and access to education in developing countries : exploring multilateral legal and quasi-legal solutions / Susan Isiko Strba.WTO catalogue:|WTO-Marc|1923103

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